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Tax Advisory & Zakat & Services

Our tax department provides specialized taxation services and focuses on client’s needs in line with the changes and complexity of tax legislation. Our tax specialists are equipped with extensive experience and are able to provide comprehensive tax advice. As our client, you will benefit from our tax advisory and zakat services covering

Direct Taxes

  • Income Tax
    • filing of tax return
    • preparing tax computation and concurrence of tax liabilities with LHDN
    • representing clients in formal tax appeals and objectives
    • attend to client’s tax cases
  • Stamp Duty
    • reducing liability
    • applying for exemption

Indirect Taxes

  • Sales Tax, Service Tax, Custom Duty
    • applying for tax / duty exemption
    • applying for licenses

Tax Advisory

  • Advise on incentives and other exemptions available under investment incentives.
  • Claimants of special deduction and allowances for reduction of tax     under double tax deductions
  • Represent and assist clients on tax investigation and tax audit
  • Develop tax efficient remuneration packages

Zakat Computation and Amil

  • Advise on zakat computation for individual and companies
  • Optimization between zakat and tax for Muslim taxpayers      

Our tax associates understand and are fully aware of the latest laws, regulations and concessions and therefore can resolve any tax and zakat issues faced by our clients.

Your business,

Our priority.



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